2023-03-08 17:36:21 By : Mr. Vincent Zhang

It’s that time of year! You know, when you’re checking your kitchen cabinets, polishing your dinnerware, and skeptically checking out that decades-old pan that definitely doesn’t stand a chance of doing your holiday dishes justice. Although saying goodbye to that sub-par pan was probably already overdue (a good piece of cookware should last lifetimes, IMO), we can understand if you needed a little incentive to finally invest in some new cooking essentials. Luckily, All-Clad is gracing us with some early holiday gifting this year: They just released a whole slew of their top-tier cookware for a fraction of its retail price as a part of their Factory Seconds Sale.

And no, a seconds sale does not mean you’re shelling out for a banged-up, dysfunctional pot or pan, if that’s what you were thinking. In fact, this siteful of seconds is the very opposite — while some pans may be missing the brand’s signature engraving on the bottom and some pots may ship out in damaged packaging, the pieces still function with the same finesse and superior cooking ability as their retail-priced counterparts. Bottom line, despite being “seconds,” these long-lasting essentials still cook like a dream, and promise to become your kitchen’s MVPs (most valuable pans, that is) for all you holiday cooking needs.

Check out what we’re adding to our cart below:

You’ll want to fry up a storm with this classic 8-inch fry pan at your fingertips. Made from patented five-ply construction for the best heat distribution, it works with all cooktops and is equally great for searing, browning, and pan-frying a range of eats. You can also toss it in the oven or under the broiler — plus, it’s dishwasher-safe. It's the perfect gift for pros and novices alike thanks to its versatile applications and easy-to-use design.

This classic saucepan will aid you in countless cooking projects. Whip up sauces, boil water for grains, make small batches of soup or jam, and prepare some gravy for upcoming Turkey Day. With warp-resistant stainless steel that can be used on gas and electric stovetops alike, its thick walls conduct heat quickly for even cooking. Small but mighty, this essential would make a great gift for loved ones (or yourself!).

This duo of nonstick pans ia about to become your new go-to cookware set. These 8- and 10-inch fry pans are crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, making them lightweight and durable. Oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and good to go in the dishwasher, these pieces are as easy to clean as they are to use. Fry up eggs, sear salmon, saute spinach, and tackle any everyday task with these two top-notch pans for the price of one.

This roomy, 8-quart stock pot will certainly come in handy next time you're cooking for a crowd this holiday season. Whether you're whipping up your famous bolognese sauce or a hearty stew, the high sides will slow the evaporation of liquid, so you'll maintain all the flavor without losing precious moisture. Oh, and that namesake copper core? That maximizes heat conductivity and responsiveness, so your pot contents will come to temperature quickly and evenly, without any hot (or cold!) spots that could lead to burning.

ICYMI, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and having a dependable roasting pan on deck is a must. If you’re not bothered by a little packaging damage, you can bring home this nonstick roaster for under $80 just in time for Turkey Day and all the subsequent holidays that follow! Made from hard-anodized aluminum with a PFOA-free nonstick coating, it features high sides that contain heat, drips, and splatter, resulting in an incredibly moist bird, rack of lamb, or roast.

The careful design of this saute pan ensures you won’t be concerned with making a mess of your stovetop, since it minimizes splattering for a seamless cooking experience. The large surface area gives you plenty of room to work with; the bonded stainless-steel construction delivers excellent heat quality; and the tight fitting lid aids in moisture retention. But, All-Clad didn't stop there — they also imbued this workhorse with a stick-resistant interior and long handle to make the chef (you) even happier.

Yearning for sun-fillled summer grilling action? We got you. This indoor grill pan makes getting grill marks and flavor a breeze all year round. Large enough to cook an entire meal, its hard-anodized surface prevents sticking, and its three-ply construction allows for even heating. The pan's ridges help you achieve that sought-after BBQ sear, while the pour spouts make drainage quick and easy. For just about half-off, we'd take this taste of summer in a damaged package any day.

This 10-inch stainless-steel essential is that pan. Aka, it's the ultimate everyday pan, ideally sized for practically every cooking task — toasting nuts, making grilled cheese sandwiches, searing proteins ... the list goes on and on. It's got a three-ply construction with a highly conductive aluminum core that allows it to get blazing hot (whether you’re using it on the stovetop or oven) and the pan's flared lip makes it easy to serve pan sauce or pour off cooking fat cleanly without making a mess. At under $100, it's practically a non-negotiable purchase.

If you've got a calendar fulll of holiday potlucks and celebrations coming up — or just want a foolproof way to store leftover casseroles or batch meals — All-Clad’s stainless-steel lasagna pan is for you. It comes with a lid to keep your recipes airtight and fresh and is also big enough to roast a whole bird or tenderloin. Bonus: Its two generous handles make lifting and transport easy, even if you’re toting a super-loaded lasagna.

You can now prepare pasta like a professional chef with this huge copper core pot. It's essentially a stockpot that comes with its own colander insert, so you don't have to struggle to pour the water out of the side while also trying to keep the noodles in. The multiple layers of copper, stainless steel, and aluminum will heat your food and have it ready for serving way faster than the average pot.

It's nice to have options, and when it comes to frying pans, All-Clad's are endless. This 12-inch number has a completely nonstick aluminum core, so even if you get distracted and forget to take your eggs off the cooktop, they won't become glued to the interior. Still, it's worth noting that this pan heats up its contents exceptionally fast, so you won't be waiting over the stove for what feels like hours.

Pots and pans are important, but you won't get anywhere without the proper utensils. All-Clad has this five-piece stainless-steel set, which includes a turner for flipping, a ladle, a slotted spoon, a fork, and a canister big enough to fit them all. Each item is the perfect size for scooping and maneuvering large volumes of food, and the utensils' sturdy construction ensures that they won't bend under pressure.

Once you invest in this high-quality stainless-steel roasting pan, you'll be able to cook with it for years and years. Unlike cheap alternatives you can get at any store, this one won't get beat up or damaged after minimal use. The pan also has two large side handles for safe maneuvering, plus the types of foods you can roast on its surface are practically endless. You'll be able to make veggies, meat, and even pan sauces that will have guests asking for the recipe.

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